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LogMeIn launches unified communications for small businesses

LogMeIn, Inc. has launched Grasshopper Connect to provide small businesses with a platform that enables them to create and manage businesses communications.

LogMeIn, Inc. has launched Grasshopper Connect, a new unified communications product for small businesses.

According to LogMeIn, Grasshopper Connect combines various forms of business communication into a single inbox, while enabling small businesses to create a dedicated business phone number through an existing mobile phone. The business number is connected to an application that combines all the business contacts and communications, such as text, calls, emails or voicemails, into a unified platform.

Additionally, Grasshopper Connect creates a timeline view of all conversations from different communication platforms. The aim, according to LogMeIn, is for business owners to access and prioritize records of past communications.

 Features from Grasshopper Connect include:

  • Unified messaging: This enables businesses to manage calls, text, voicemails and emails in one place.
  • Business contacts: Small businesses can create business contacts to define the boundary between business and personal communication.
  • Email integration: LogMeIn claims this enables business owners to spend less time checking a variety of applications and filtering through clutter.
  • Timeline view: This provides a single view of all communication with a business contact.
  • Mobile app: All features are available for both Android and iOS, so businesses can access all communications on the go.

LogMeIn offers a portfolio of unified communication products, including GoToMeeting, GoToWebinar, Grasshopper and Jive. It also recently launched GoToConnect and GoToRoom.

In June, LogMeIn announced that it was partnering with Dolby Laboratories to support the GoToRoom video conferencing software. GoToRoom features virtual conference rooms using LogMeIn's GoToMeeting software.

Grasshopper Connect is available now.

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