Security, management updates made to LogMeIn Bold360

LogMeIn has updated the search optimizer, monitor view and workload organization features in its live agent and chat bot customer engagement and AI software platform Bold360.

The LogMeIn Bold360 suite has been updated to include new security controls and management tools and an updated workload organization feature. According to LogMeIn, the updates are meant to enable customer service teams to work faster and improve overall performance.

The full list of updates includes the following:

  • Knowledge management tools: The latest version of Bold360's search optimizer has search and filter features on customer intents, the capability to create articles for unresolved intents within the search optimizer, and can add phrasings to an article from an unresolved intent. It also has a task-driven interface so users can manage unanswered, answered, channeled and muted intents.
  • Monitor view: Administrators can now see the content of live chats, chatbot engagements, emails, SMS texts and messaging channels such as Facebook Messenger.
  • Workload organization: There is a new chat flagging feature that will let agents mark an engagement in case they need to refer back to it for any reason. Supervisors can also filter the monitor view by agent flags to keep track of open engagements.
  • Security updates: Bold360 received ISO 27001 certification, meaning it met requirements for managing sensitive company information so that it remains secure. Additionally, LogMeIn added IP Whitelisting for Agent Logins, which enables admins to restrict which networks agents can log into the Bold360 web workspace from.

This is the latest in a series of updates to LogMeIn Bold360, including improvements to the chatbot in April and the addition of AI features for bots and agents in June. LogMeIn also has a portfolio of unified communication products, including GoToMeeting, GoToWebinar, Grasshopper, Grasshopper Connect and Jive.

LogMeIn Bold360 competes in a crowded costumer experience market, going head-to-head with tech giants such as Salesforce, which will release CRM platform Salesforce Customer 360 in November.

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