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LogMeIn enhances GoToWebinar with analytics, on-demand viewer

LogMeIn has added interactive analytics and a video editor to GoToWebinar. The vendor also made available to all users a new website for publishing on-demand videos.

LogMeIn has released a revamped version of the GoToWebinar cloud webcasting platform that gives users an interactive analytics dashboard, a new video-editing tool and the ability to publish recorded webinars to a website for on-demand viewing.

The analytics console lets users generate bar and line graphs by filtering aggregate viewership and engagement data. Previously, users had to download separate analytics spreadsheets for each Webinar and could only analyze multiple events at once by manually combining those records.

The interactive interface should help marketers and trainers -- the two most common types of live webcasters -- track trends in attendance or watch-through rates over time. The vendor will also help users identify which times of day and days of the week draw the largest audiences.

Businesses are increasingly seeking access to more comprehensive analytics before, during and after web conferences and live broadcasts, according to Roopam Jain, analyst at Frost & Sullivan. "GoToWebinar's new analytics dashboard brings the service more at par with where the market is today," she said.

LogMeIn also broadened access to its on-demand video repository, GoToStage, where all GoToWebinar users can now publish recordings of their webinars. The platform, released in beta last year, sorts videos by topic, so viewers can use the site to discover videos of interest.

With the release of GoToStage, LogMeIn is addressing a gap in the webinar market, as more businesses look to use on-demand videos to increase viewership and continuously generate customer leads, Jain said. 

"There are not many webinar vendors today who offer a single integrated platform that combines on-demand webinars with a persistent content delivery platform built for social marketing," Jain said. "GoToStage addresses that opportunity."

LogMeIn builds out profile to remain competitive

The overhaul of cloud webcasting platforms comes a couple months after the vendor refreshed its flagship web conferencing platform, GoToMeeting, adding instant messaging and automatic transcription.

LogMeIn was named one of four leaders in the 2018 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Meeting Solutions that was released this week, slightly trailing Cisco, Microsoft and Zoom. In addition to GoToWebinar, the vendor's other products include GoToTraining, Grasshopper, OpenVoice and the Jive cloud unified communications platform.

LogMeIn is facing increasing competition from Microsoft, which in July added live broadcasting capabilities to its on-demand video responsivity, Microsoft Stream, and integrated that product with its team collaboration app, Microsoft Teams.

Cisco, meanwhile, recently combined its online meetings and team collaboration platforms -- now branded as Cisco Webex and Cisco Webex Teams -- and expanded the cloud infrastructure of those products to lay the groundwork for advanced video use cases, such as augmented and virtual reality.

LogMeIn has sought to differentiate its platforms by designing easy-to-use interfaces and selling the products at a relatively low price.

"GoToWebinar has seen the most success with [small and midsize businesses] that often opt for best-of-breed solutions," Jain said. "With the redesigned user interface and a new disruptive pricing, it will continue to appeal to businesses that look for simplicity, ease of use and lower pricing."

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