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Navigate vROps dashboard options in the Service Discovery MP

Admins can view infrastructure information in the services relationship, VM relationships, service distribution and service visibility dashboards of the vROps Service Discovery MP.

Once the vRealize Operations Service Discovery Management Pack is installed and configured, administrators can access several key types of visual and topographical information through the vROps dashboard options.

Services relationship dashboard

The services relationship dashboard enables administrators to observe any discovered services and view the dependencies between VMs -- services -- in a graphical format.

In this vROps dashboard, administrators can opt to see a list of discovered services, review the relationships between selected services and other services running in VMs, and access a detailed list of the properties for each desired service or VM.

VM relationships dashboard

The VM relationships dashboard provides a visual representation of all the known VMs in the infrastructure, and the relationships -- if any -- between those VMs. Administrators can also access the properties of each VM.

Service distribution dashboard

The service distribution dashboard illustrates the distribution of services or service types across the data center, cluster or even down to the individual host system. Administrators can view a visual hierarchy of various resources, including vSphere, vCenter Server, the data center, a compute cluster or a host system in this vROps dashboard.

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When a scope is selected, all of the known applications and services discovered within that scope are summarized in a pie chart. Administrators can see the volume of applications and services broken down into categories.

Finally, the service distribution dashboard can show the distribution of user-defined services.

Service visibility dashboard

The service visibility dashboard offers a holistic inventory tree view of all the VMs running known and user-defined services across the data center, cluster or individual host system. Services include vSphere, vCenter Server and scopes that range from individual systems to the entire data center.

This vROps dashboard also provides details of VM failures -- where the discovery of a known VM has failed or not taken place. This type of insight can aid in troubleshooting. For example, discovery of a known VM might not occur if the VM is powered down.

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