SysTrack Desktop Assessment for VMware

SysTrack Desktop Assessment for VMware is a free cloud-based assessment service, developed in conjunction with Lakeside Software, that provides metrics and information about an environment and as well as how to best deploy VMware Horizon. The assessment runs for 60 days and the data -- from up to 2,000 systems -- is stored on VMware vCloud Air.

Admins that want to use the tool visit and sign up. After three days of data collection, users can begin to look at interactive dashboards and reports to see in-depth metrics for application usage, user behavior, hardware and software inventory and more. VMware recommends collecting data for at least 14 days to deliver accurate usage patterns and more detailed information.

After registering, your main dashboard will have four sections: Access, Analyze, Investigate and Report. Admins can start the SysTrack Desktop Assessment with the deployment of the data collection agent.

Under the Analyze section, Systrack Desktop Assessment offers PDF files named Application Dependencies, Application Port Usage and Software Packages Installed. These documents contain information such as application interconnection and what ports applications appear to be using.

Another tool, and arguably one of the most important tools, is the SysTrack Site Visualizer. The SysTrack Site Visualizer dashboard has general information about activity as well as an assessment status for systems. Results of the assessment are displayed in a color-coded pie chart. Systems in the green part of the chart are considered good candidates for virtualization, systems in the yellow may be possible to virtualize with configuration and other changes and systems in red will be more challenging or even impossible to virtualize in their current state. It also provides the resources that users use and the activity of the users.

The SysTrack Site Visualizer has over a dozen datasets available to see specific metrics: Application Faults, Application Latency, Application Virtualization, Applications, Boot and Login, Computer Concerns, Computer Performance, Hardware, Health, People, Popular Websites, Power, Software Packages, Storage, System Mobility and User Security. Users can see detailed metrics about these specific dataset and can export them through Microsoft Excel.

There are four interactive dashboards – listed under Investigate -- that contain the information and metrics collected: the VMware Data Quality Summary, the System Demand Overview, the System Hardware Overview and the VMware Assessment Software Summary.

The data from the 60 day assessment is available for 90 days. After 90 days, the data will no longer be available or accessible from the VMware Cloud. If you would like to keep the information longer than
90 days, contact Lakeside Software.

This was last updated in October 2016

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