VMware Capacity Planner (VCP)

VMware Capacity Planner is a tool that collects information on an IT infrastructure's resource usage and compares it to industry-average data. 

VMware and its partners offer the Capacity Planner as a service to help IT departments plan virtualization deployments and optimize hardware resources such as servers and storage. VMware Capacity Planner can help an organization determine what server consolidation rates it will achieve with virtualization, and discover ways to standardize and reduce the hardware footprint in a data center. The tool also discovers capacity utilization trends and can help set benchmarks.

VMware trains partners on VMware Capacity Planner, and the product is free to these authorized users. Main competitors to the tool include VKernel's Capacity Analyzer and Tek-Tools' Profiler Suite. IT shops that want to avoid partnering on their capacity assessment can use a less-powerful tool from VMware: vCenter Guided Consolidation.


This was last updated in February 2013

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