VMware IT Business Management Suite (ITBM)

VMware IT Business Management Suite (ITBM) is a cost analysis and benchmarking product designed to detail the cost of IT services on a private cloud.

ITBM is a virtual appliance that ties into the vCenter Servers that manage the private cloud. It calculates infrastructure costs and lays out how much a company spends per month to run its cloud and how much it spends to run a virtual machine (VM). ITBM shows who is spending what in the infrastructure and where there may be inefficiencies, such as over-allocation of resources to specific VMs. ITBM can display expenses from previous years to determine if a company is gaining or losing efficiency.

ITBM comes in three editions: standard, advanced and enterprise. The standard edition includes the Business Management for Cloud feature. The advanced edition includes Business Management for Cloud and the IT Financial Management features. The enterprise edition has Business Management for Cloud , IT Financial Management and the Service Quality Management features.

Business Management for Cloud determines the price for shared resources and compares costs to run the private cloud or in a hybrid-cloud arrangement with either Amazon Web Services orMicrosoft Azure.

IT Financial Management calculates the costs associated with IT by factoring in the expenses from running physical and virtual systems, software licensing, technical support, facilities, vendors and overhead. It also features showback and chargeback, benchmarking to compare how efficient your company is versus the industry, and tracking actual expenses against scheduled and forecasted spending.

Service Quality Management incorporates service-level agreement and key performance indicator management to track whether requirements are being met, and also determines whether vendor bills match up with what has been specified in contracts.

Some of the functionality in ITBM is based on intellectual property VMware acquired after purchasing Digital Fuel Technologies in 2011. 

At VMworld 2014, VMware announced it would rename ITBM to vRealize Business before the end of 2014.

This was last updated in September 2014

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