VMware Identity Manager

VMware Identity Manager is an identify as a service (IDaaS) offering that provides single sign-on (SSO) capabilities and user-based controls for web, cloud and mobile applications. Identity Manager is based on TriCipher technology acquired by VMware in 2010, and is a part of the Workspace ONE cloud-based management platform along with AirWatch Enterprise Mobility Management.

The identity management offering provides SSO access to any application from any device based on the policies created by the IT department. Administrators can automatically create and delete accounts with permission and restrictions to managed applications with VMware Identity Manager. Admins can also use VMware Identity Manager across different VMware management interfaces such as vRealize and VCloud Air. Compatible apps include Office 365, Salesforce, Dropbox and Amazon Web Services.

With VMware Identity Manager, administrators give employees a way to access a "self-service catalog" of approved applications and desktops in a secure manner from a variety of devices. It eliminates the possibility for employees to sign on from unsecure devices and accessing important -- and possibly confidential -- documents and information.

VMware Identity Manager's on-premises underlying operating system is SuSE Linux 11. If an organization wants to use ThinApp packages, the VMware Identity Manager Agent is required for each client. Using ThinApp packages with VMware Identity Manager allows users to run a virtualized Windows application on a Windows system, even if it isn't the system the application was originally installed on. Admins can also deploy Identity Manager on vCloud Air as Software as a Server (SaaS), but an on-premises connector to link, such as vCloud Air Direct Connect, it to the organization's data center is required.

Identity Manager also gives the IT department a single place to manage multiple accounts as well as the applications. The administrator can set up policies to handle which devices have access to the selected applications. An admin can either grant access to all devices or only to managed devices.

Users need one or more ESX servers in order to deploy VMware Identity Manager and either the vSphere Client or vSphere Web Client is required to deploy a virtual appliance as an OVA file which is available on VMware's website.

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