VMware vCenter Server Linked Mode

VMware vCenter Server Linked Mode is a tool that provides administrators with a consolidated view of management zones and allows servers to support an increased number of virtual machines.

Linked Mode, which is available in the VMware vSphere 4 Essentials Edition and higher, uses Windows Active Directory for communication between management zones.  Linked Mode can be configured during the VMware vCenter Server installation process or through the vCenter Server Linked Mode Configuration shortcut for an existing installation.

Linked Mode requirements:

  • Operational domain name server.
  • Each domain must trust the other domains on which vCenter Server instances are installed.
  • When adding a vCenter Server instance to a Linked Mode group, a domain user who is an administrator must run the installer on (1) the machine where vCenter Server is installed and (2) the target machine of the Linked Mode group.
  • All vCenter Server instances must have network time synchronization.


This was last updated in July 2013

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