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Windows Server 2019 features admins should explore


Microsoft SDN and storage capabilities tweaked in latest OS

Visual Editor: Sarah Evans

The major release of a venerable product such as Windows Server 2019 still stirs up excitement in the IT crowd. Some users will rush to explore all the new features, such as System Insights, while others will take their time to see if they can use some of the new Microsoft SDN features.

While quite a few Windows Server 2019 features had their genesis in earlier Windows Server releases, Microsoft furthered the hybrid cloud capabilities in this latest server OS to promote expansion into the Azure cloud. Much of the new or enhanced functionality offers a Windows-based organization a better way to adopt a hybrid cloud strategy, with key upgrades in security and workload mobility.

System Insights gives IT pros an extra pair of eyes on critical workloads with its machine learning algorithms. In addition, Microsoft wants administrators to have an easier time using the new software-defined networking (SDN) features, such as encrypted networks, so it developed the Windows Admin Center to assist with SDN monitoring and deployment.

Continue reading to see what other new features Microsoft added to the Windows Server 2019 release.

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