Showcasing the Value of Intent within Your Organization: 2 Tips from TechTarget’s Bay Area Priority Engine User Group

Alessandra DeWitt

Client Consulting Manager

showcasing the value of intentThis month we hosted our Bay Area Priority Engine™ user group in San Jose with marketers representing 10 companies ranging from new users to super-users. We wanted to give you a quick recap of the findings which covered two major topics: how to leverage dashboards to measure and track the value of the 3rd party data within your systems and how to successfully engage sales teams with new tools and data.

#1 — Show off Your Data with Dashboards – Realize the Value of Purchase Intent Insight

Let’s face it—data can be daunting, especially when you consider all the ways to slice and dice it. Creating dashboards can help marketers stay organized, understand the copious amount of information in their database and focus their energy on hitting their goals. It also helps to create a destination for shared insight among Sales and Marketing teams to understand where opportunities stand and create more accountability. Dashboards are an effective tool that organizations can use to understand the impact that new sources of insight like purchase intent data found within TechTarget’s Priority Engine have – within existing sales and marketing workflows.

Showcasing the Value of intent
Fig. 1

One of the users shared the dashboards she created in Salesforce, via direct Priority Engine integration with the platform. The graphs provided insight for all of her North America and EMEA KPIs; net new contacts from Priority Engine, contacts delivered by country, percentage to MQL in quarter, percentage to SQL in quarter, first touch attribution, total open opportunities within quarter, and top accounts within the last week (based on account rank). Examples of some of these dashboards are shown in Fig. 1.

#2 — Walk Before You Run – Introducing New Tools to Sales

In our experience, sales teams are only going to use tools that make their life easier and will help accelerate pipeline. The group brought up the challenge of how to roll out a solution like Priority Engine with new data sources and insights to an entire sales team. No matter the value of the data, systems need to work within sales workflows in order to get full scale adoption. Marketing teams must commit to training sales on how to most effectively leverage the tools and data that they are providing them. As a solution to this issue, this particular marketer created a new step-by-step roll out strategy. Starting with a dedicated pilot team, the user was able to better manage time spent on training and integrating Priority Engine into their sales workflow. Once the pilot team had success with Priority Engine, it was introduced it to the rest of the team.

These are just two of the many different ways that marketing and sales teams are leveraging TechTarget purchase intent insight to deliver better value within their current processes and environment. If you are interested in learning more or attending one of our upcoming Priority Engine User Groups, please reach out to me here.

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