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Jack Gold is founder and president at J. Gold Associates, LLC, an industry analyst firm covering the many aspects of business and consumer computing and emerging technologies. Mr. Gold has over 45 years of experience in the computer and electronics industries, including work in computer design, semiconductors, imaging, multimedia, technical computing, consumer electronics, software development and manufacturing systems. He has spent the past 20+ years covering all aspects of mobile and wireless computing, and is a leading authority on enterprise use of mobile, wireless and pervasive computing, including the effective management and security of corporate systems. He advises clients on business analysis, strategic marketing and planning, architecture, product evaluation/selection and enterprise application strategies. Many of his cost analysis and return on investment models are used by leading organizations to evaluate and select appropriate solutions for their computing strategic needs. He also researches emerging technologies such as the internet of things, augmented reality, virtual reality, analytics/cognitive computing, AI/machine learning, 5G wireless, semiconductor processes and designs (CPU, GPU, DSP), cloud computing, and the evolution of personal computing.

Mr. Gold is widely quoted in the press, and has presented at numerous conferences and industry events. Before founding J. Gold Associates, he spent 12 years with META Group as a vice president in technology research services. He also held positions in technical and marketing management at Digital Equipment Corporation and Xerox, as well as at smaller/startup firms. Mr. Gold has a BS in Electrical Engineering from Rochester Institute of Technology and an MBA from Clark University. Companies and markets Mr. Gold covers in depth include wireless carriers, smartphones, PC makers, enterprise mobile management, IoT, semiconductor companies, security/identity, mobile app development and cloud.

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