Leveraging Behavioral Insights to Reach Late Stage Buyers with the Right Content at the Right Time

Mike Savel

Marketing Content Writer

late stage buyersSales and marketing teams know that one of the critical times to reach a prospect is when they’re close to making a buying decision. The challenge is not only identifying the right time to reach them – it’s knowing what message they’ll find most helpful at that point in the buying cycle.

Late stage buyers send very specific signals. The account may have an unusually high number of active prospects, has shown a very high amount of activity, has been viewing content associated with final decision-making and is looking at multiple vendor solutions.

Late Stage Buyers Look for Very Specific Content

The type of content that these late stage buyers typically find useful is very specific. It’s content that demonstrates you understand their company and their business needs. DemandGen Report’s Annual Content Preferences Survey shows that late stage buyers are most interested in the following:

  • ROI calculators (48%)
  • Case studies (42%)
  • Assessments (40%)
  • Third-party/analyst reports (25%).

These content types share a common trait – they all emphasize specific insight into how solutions and tactics will benefit their business and how their colleagues and peers will see ROI. That’s why it’s important at this stage to have targeted content on hand for other stakeholders who will influence the final buying decision. For example, CEOs are likely most interested in ROI, finance directors are mostly interested in cost savings, and IT needs to know how the product fits in with existing systems.

Leverage Real Purchase Intent to Identify and Deliver Content to Late Stage Buyers

Reaching out to late stage buyers with the right content at the right time for the right persona shows that you understand and care about the buyer’s decision. TechTarget can help. With Priority Engine purchase intent platform, you can create a late stage prospect list based on specific intent signals so reps can laser focus on these accounts, sending tailored content to increase chances of setting an appointment and getting in front of a prospect who is ready to buy. Furthermore, with advanced behavioral insights on topical interests, vendor engagement and installed technology, reps can further refine their pitch for precision. Priority Engine’s ability to identify late stage buyers, combined with targeted content, gives you a competitive advantage to get that crucial meeting to close the business.

Learn more about how Priority Engine can help you engage more late stage buyers.

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