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Data-driven world may take us down a dangerous road

Just about everyone who has a computer has, at one time or another, left a comment online. Be it a simple “congrats!” under a wedding snapshot or an angry mini-rant about poor restaurant service, for some this opinion sharing has become second nature. For the most part it’s harmless — sometimes annoying or mean-spirited — but harmless. In some instances it helps businesses know what they’re doing wrong (or right), which is a good thing, right? But what if it goes to another level? What if folks start commenting on actual humans? This week’s lead Searchlight items looks at this question and what it might mean for the future of work, especially in light of the growing popularity of on-demand services. Also this week: the hot new job in big data, debunking depulication myths and more.

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Oh, great. I don’t suppose I get any sort of severance package?

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