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The sweet sound of enterprise social collaboration success

If a single email lands in a single inbox, does it make a sound? OK, that’s an easy answer: It depends on the recipient’s personal inbox settings. But if a single post lands on your company’s intranet or is shared via another internal communications tool, you can bet it will make some metaphorical noise — and, in front of so many eyes, it might turn into a profitable prospect for your business.

Enterprise social collaboratioon success comprises a lot more than tweeting your company’s latest press release or posting a photo of your newest product line on Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest. Yes, your customers are out there and consuming your company through these channels — so keep it up — but also consider that many of your employees would prefer to share ideas through social networks rather than singular emails or face-to-face communiqué, especially if they work in different offices or even time zones. In this SearchCIO’s handbook, we explore various aspects of social networking, and explain how to keep your best employees engaged through enterprise platforms.

In our first piece, business writer Christine Parizo looks at how organizations including the San Jose Sharks are using social networks and gamification to steer employees toward profitable and productive online interactions. In our second piece, CIO columnist Harvey Koeppel traces the evolution of communications from smoke signals to SMAC—social, mobile, analytics and cloud. In our final piece, CTO Niel Nickolaisen shares his own experiences with enterprise social networking, offering valuable advice to CIOs undertaking their own social implementations.

Hear that ding emanating from your intranet? It’s the sweet sound of a budding business opportunity. Seize it.

Learn more in the full handbook.

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