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Tablet productivity still largely out of individual workers' reach

I think it’s safe to say we’ve covered bring your own device from almost every angle, from crafting a successful BYOD program to managing and securing mobile devices to integrating mobile in disaster recovery plans — I could go on. Why? Because it’s an accepted reality today that employees use mobile devices — their own as much as their companies’ — to do work. We’ve even got Gartner’s backing on that: The consultancy says that 80% of companies will have a mobile workforce armed with tablets by the end of this year.

But do you really know how many of your employees actually use tablets for work? And taking it a step further: who exactly makes up that number? Forrester says it’s got an answer, and it appears to go against Gartner’s take on the tablet landscape, as this week’s Searchlight spells out.

Reasons for the disparity? Myriad factors, says NYT Bits blogger Victor J. Blue, not least of which is that managers and individual workers are expected to do productive work, not just consume and view, and most of today’s tablets just aren’t completely up to the task — yet.

What do you think? Is it just part and parcel of being a lowly worker?

Also causing sparks in tech news this week: Wired offers pro tips on taking ace firework photos; Facebook collects “feelings” data from users on the sly; and Russian hackers take aim at Western oil and gas companies.

Get the deets at this week’s Searchlight — and then enjoy a merry Fourth!

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Yes, you could take fireworks photos this clear. It’s all about the timing. [Source: Wikimedia Commons]

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