bring your own cloud (BYOC)

BYOC (bring your own cloud) is the trend towards allowing employees to use the cloud service of their choice in the workplace. 

In a small or mid-size business, allowing employees to use a public cloud storage service like Dropbox to share very large files may be more cost-effective than rolling out a shared storage system internally.  Problems can occur, however, when employees fail to notify anyone when they use such services.  The use of any shadow IT can pose security and compliance concerns in the workplace and BYOC in particular can prevent business owners from knowing exactly where their company’s information is being stored, who has access to it and what it’s being used for.

To prevent BYOC from becoming a problem, businesses should implement policies that strictly define what personal cloud services can be used for work-related tasks (if any) and who needs to be notified when a personal cloud service is used. 


This was last updated in July 2014

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