Free IT department budget template examples for strategic investments

Making strategic tech investments could help your business stay afloat. Take a look at these free IT department budget templates from around the Web.

Managing strategic technology investments is a critical component of a CIO's success in today's competitive, sink-or-swim marketplace. Companies must develop not only an effective IT strategy, but also a sound, vetted IT budget that reins in technology spending and directs precious dollars to the most effective IT resources.

SearchCIO.com has scoured the Web for free IT department budget template examples. These downloads can help your IT organization establish and track expenses and outcomes related to hardware, software and salary spending. The result? A more cost-efficient IT operation.

SOURCE: Department of the Navy Chief Information Officer
: This template for IT business case analysis and budget planning encourages brainstorming on expenditures as they relate to goals, problems, scopes, methodologies and outcomes.

SOURCE: TechSoup.org
: Download a free technology budget calculator, which breaks down IT expenditures into hardware, software, Internet, training, support, consumables and other categories.

SOURCE: Software for Enterprise
: Sign up for a newsletter from the Software for Enterprise site and receive a free IT budget template, which considers such budget categories as employee salaries, manpower requirements, hardware and software maintenance and other typical line items.

SOURCE: Augsburg College's "Tempting Templates" project
: This project from the Minneapolis college links to a number of budgeting templates available for download. Check out options for sizing up project expenses, conducting cost-benefit analyses and more.

SOURCE: SpiceWorks
: Scroll through the responses in this IT community, and you'll find "Renee275" linking to a download for a sample IT budget spreadsheet. The Excel file covers a number of specific hardware and software categories, as well as backup, licensing, training and other areas.

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