E-Handbook: Content collaboration tools sharpen focus on customer demands Article 1 of 4

Content collaboration is more than just a central repository

Gone are the days of filing cabinets that only a single person can access -- be it the filing system that's set up on the desktop computer or the more ancient, clunky kind that has been relegated to a plant display case sitting in the corner of the office.

If you work in an office setting, there's a good probability you now have access to a central content management system that all business users -- both inside and outside the office -- can access, enabling them to store, share and collaborate on files.

But collaboration is about more than just a central repository for storing files that can be shared among business users. It's also about the content collaboration tools that make the entire experience possible.

This handbook focuses on some of those content collaboration tools. One critical tool is AI, which plays a number of roles in content management. We look at one of those offshoots that's getting attention -- natural language generation. We also examine headless CMS, which enables collaboration and moves away from the boxed-in approach of a traditional web CMS and into omnichannel delivery. And finally, we cover cloud services, which live outside legacy CMS and allow team members to communicate with each other and share information on the go.