Alfresco CMS now using AI, ML to pull, organize data

A new Alfresco CMS module uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to allow users more specific organization and use of their data stored across multiple documents and devices.

Alfresco Software announced its new Intelligence Services that provides businesses with a method for extracting and organizing content stored across multiple documents, images, videos and photographs.

The Intelligence Services module uses AI and machine learning to access information from any type of content source so that users can easily define specific parameters and streamline important information such as names, birth date, or license plate numbers from people, places and locations. Alfresco CMS also captures and preserves all AI data so that users can reuse the data at any time. Intelligence Services extracts information to provide detailed control, and is integrated with Amazon Comprehend, Amazon Rekognition and Amazon Textract.

Amazon Comprehend uses natural language processing to analyze text in more than 100 languages to gain insights around its content. Amazon Rekognition uses learning technology to extract textual context from images and store that data. It can identify objects, people, text and scenes in photos. Amazon Textract is a self-learning service that uses optical character recognition to identify forms with their fields and values, and tables with their cells. Additionally, Intelligence Services can detect positive, negative, neutral and mixed emotions.

Alfresco claims that insurance companies and government agencies are using Alfresco CMS to streamline their procedures. The Claims Service Automation function helps insurance companies improve file intake and organize claims processes, while the Citizens Services feature enables government agencies to receive and manage requests from citizens for permitting, licensing and other services.

The use of AI in content management systems, such as Alfresco CMS or competitor Acquia, has become increasingly common in recent years. As AI has become more accessible and more affordable, companies have found new uses for it. Acquia describes its use of AI and ML as developing a way for machines to understand human content to generate data.

The evolution of the web has forced companies to do more with content than let it sit static in a content management system. Smart CMS systems that use AI and ML help drive a user's experience, and content becomes more useful, practicable and premeditative to a user's needs.

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