New capabilities enhance Acquia Cloud security

Acquia's new security and compliance competencies for the Acquia Cloud aim to reduce operational resources, increase data protection and simplify user innovation.

New capabilities for Acquia's cloud aim to protect user data easily and securely. Updates to Acquia Cloud include tools that the company claims can boost security innovation and maintain digital compliance.

Acquia Cloud, built on AWS infrastructure, is a PaaS offering from Acquia's suite of content management technologies, Acquia Experience Platform. Acquia Cloud enables enterprise users to build and manage Drupal-based websites and experiences.

The new Acquia Cloud security and compliance capabilities intend to give enterprises high-level data protection without the burden of security and operations teams. The vendor claimed, as the scope of digital offerings is constantly expanding, these features and updates will warrant the more extensive data protection that its cloud can provide:

  • An upgraded single sign-on service protects sensitive information by unifying internal and external user authentication.
  • Log forwarding and security information and event management integration gives users more visibility to improve incident detection and response.
  • Acquia Cloud Shield's virtual private cloud peering offering allows users to connect their AWS-hosted VPCs. Users can also use a self-service UI to manage access to their VPCs.
  • Support for Federal Information Processing Standard 140-2 maintains cryptographic module security compliance for federal customers.

These new capabilities -- in combination with Acquia Cloud's existing Drupal-tuned platform stack, scalable and secure infrastructure, and site health and monitoring tools -- will reduce costs, simplify site management and increase innovation, according to the vendor.

Acquia Cloud -- typically compared to cloud-based content management systems like Microsoft Azure, Pantheon and Sitecore -- sets itself apart with its flexible integrations and Drupal developer support, according to the vendor.

In March, Acquia achieved the AWS Digital Customer Experience Competency status for content management. And in 2018, it was placed in Gartner's Leaders quadrant of the Magic Quadrant for Web Content Management.

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