Cohesion is latest Acquia acquisition

While Acquia would not provide specifics of the deal, the decision behind the acquisition of Cohesion was the chance to bring more value to customers, according to Acquia's CTO.

Acquia has acquired United Kingdom-based company Cohesion, the creator of DX8, it recently announced.

Acquia is a SaaS company, headquarted in Boston, created to provide enterprise products, services and technical support for the open-source web CMS platform Drupal. Cohesion's DX8 is an enterprise-level, low-code Drupal website builder that enables in-browser creation of themes, layouts and pages.

The Acquia acquisition is intended to help content marketers and site builders with minimal coding skills create scalable Drupal sites from scratch up to four times faster, according to the company. Acquia also claims Cohesion DX8 will help provide brand consistency across websites.

Dries Buytaert, CTO and co-founder of Acquia and founder of Drupal, said that the Acquia acquisition won't affect current Cohesion customers.

"There will be no change to support arrangements for Cohesion DX8 customers who have current contracts in 2019," he said. "Acquia will notify and engage with Cohesion DX8 customers if any changes are envisioned."

He added that he anticipates the Acquia acquisition benefiting the customers of both companies.

"It helps customers realize significant savings in development and maintenance costs," he said. "Marketers can publish content more quickly and without the involvement of developers. Cohesion will also appear for customers who are getting started with Drupal. The tool makes it easier for content marketers and site builders with minimal coding skills to be productive and see creative results faster."

Buytaert declined to disclose the specifics of the deal but said the chance to bring more value to customers was the driving factor.

"The addition of Cohesion DX8 to the Acquia product portfolio strengthens the proposition of both businesses and allows Cohesion the opportunity to scale faster."

In May, Acquia also acquired Mautic, an open marketing automation and campaign management platform that enables Acquia customers to automate, personalize and measure the customer lifecycle.

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