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Weighing the pros and cons of SharePoint BPM

When looking at the pros and cons of SharePoint BPM, consider the tradeoff between Office integration and the versatility of broader BPM tools.

SharePoint's business process management (BPM) capabilities aren't on the same level as other enterprise BPM platforms, but SharePoint has a key advantage in its tight integration with Microsoft's Office suite.

SharePoint and BI expert Scott Robinson sat down with SearchContentManagement to discuss the pros and cons of SharePoint for BPM, and to explore the growing importance of Office compatibility.

"Over the past couple of versions, [Microsoft] deepened the integration of the Office suite with SharePoint so that SharePoint basically became this big shell around functionality that everybody had already mastered," Robinson said.

And SharePoint continues to evolve in harmony with Microsoft's other offerings. In the 2013 version, Microsoft went a step further by putting SharePoint in the cloud using Office 365. "We have a deep integration between SharePoint and Office -- and that's a boon for business processes," Robinson said.

For companies that use SharePoint for business processes already, the platform's BPM features are certainly worth considering.

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