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Predictive coding technologies: Relief from information overload?

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Predictive coding or autoclassification technologies are the way out of the information chaos morass, said Nick Inglis, founder of LeftGen, at the AIIM 2014 conference.

Inglis noted the massive explosion in digital information that has left many information managers lost at sea, with too much information to classify, manage, archive and ultimately destroy.

"There is a shift because of the sheer volume of information that companies are dealing with," Inglis said. "Now that things are beyond the scope of what an individual worker can handle in terms of classifying the data, entering the data into whatever the information management system is. How can we move beyond that so we can put content where it is supposed to be so we can apply retention and information management policies but not rely on users to put in all the additional work?"

Inglis said that predictive coding software that works with document management systems to classify, find and manage information may be a way forward. The problem is that these technologies are still emerging, he said. The market is still shaking out. "They aren't where they need to be, but they are coming of age, he said.

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