updates boost marketing personalization, automation

Updates to Metadata's AI marketing platform include new usability features and improved automation to bolster its marketing personalization to target new and existing clients.

AI marketing operations vendor introduced new capabilities to its platform to enable predictable lead flow for B2B marketers' digital advertising campaigns. claims the upgrade will improve targeting, optimization and multivariate experimentation for marketers. uses AI to improve retargeting, integration, UX, data capture and analytics capabilities, intending marketing automation to eliminate tedious, technical tasks that typically slow down campaign cycles and inhibit productivity, according to the vendor.

Updates to Metadata's AI platform include the following features:

  • Custom audience creation enables teams to upload contact lists to retarget previously converted leads or leads that have gone inactive.
  • Public API Key enables expanded integration options, via Zapier or directly through
  • Pause and restart capabilities enable users to pause or restart multiple experiments in batches in the Campaign or Experiment tables.
  • Updated Campaign and Experiment status indicators and added Filters and columns improve overall usability; shows Drafts and Active campaigns by default but will remember a user's choice if she selects different statuses.
  • From/To Date Filters enable users to view experiments and their status during a specific time period to narrow down results within the Experiments table.
  • Stats summary shows an overview of a selection of experiments in the Experiments table for quick review and analysis.
  • Date Time filter on the main dashboard enables users to filter results by seven, 14, 30 or 90 days, as well as one year.
  • Added Influenced and Triggered Opportunities columns in the Experiment and Leads tables show respective dollar amounts.

Metadata claims its upgraded platform improves marketing campaign and email personalization, which it also claim results in inbound leads or renewed attention of an existing prospect. According to Gartner, organizations that personalize and target marketing messages see 16% more impact on commercial outcomes than those that don't.'s AI capabilities enable the platform to execute tasks -- including buying data, finding and uploading personally identifiable information to ad networks, placing tags for tracking and pushing leads from ad channels to marketing automation -- faster than manual personnel, with the same level of accuracy, according to Metadata.

Other competitors and platforms offering marketing automation capabilities include Act-On's Integrated Marketing Platform, 6sense's ZenIQ and PathFactory; while reviewers have noted some alternatives as easier to use, they were also slower to reach ROI than with

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