HyperGrid is a cloud computing provider that offers Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS) and application management services. To support the DevOps movement which breaks down the silos between software development and operations teams, HyperGrid can provide support for application lifecycle management (ALM) as well as virtual machine (VM), bare metal cloud and containers as a service deployments. 

HyperGrid, previously known as Gridstore, enables hyper-converged storage as a service within containers, delivered through the public cloud or as leased storage hardware on customer premises. The company refers to its offerings as hyper-converged infrastructure as a service (HCIaaS). Hyper-converged infrastructure combines compute, networking and storage resources into a single commodity box. Compared to conventional converged infrastructure, hyper-converged systems can provide better scalability, performance, ease of management and potential virtual machine (VM) density. 

The HyperGrid Platform includes:

  • HyperForm, an on-demand platform for deployment and management of traditional and cloud-native applications. HyperForm is based on DCHQ's container-based technology.
  • HyperVue, a single pane of glass interface for the management of infrastructure, virtual machines and clusters in on-premises or hosted deployments.
  • HyperConverged Infrastructure as a Service (HCIaaS), which provides HCI via an open, distributed platform delivered to customer premises or through a qualified managed services provider (MSP), based on a pay-per-usage model. (See: HyperConverged Appliance)
  • HyperWeave, the infrastructure fabric component.

Gridstore was founded in 2009 by Kelly Murphy, Antoni Sawicki and Tomasz Nowak. Corporate headquarters are in Mountain View, California. The company renamed itself HyperGrid in July 2016, after purchasing DCHQ, a maker of cloud- and container-related software. Gridstore and DCHQ founders were retained for key technical roles at HyperGrid.

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