Lumina launches Radiance, a data risk management platform

In an effort to prevent data loss, Lumina launched Radiance, a SaaS data risk management platform. It collects and analyzes data to help prevent risks and threats.

Lumina has launched Radiance -- a SaaS platform that collects and analyzes data to help prevent risks and threats.

According to Lumina, Radiance uses deep web listening algorithms to uncover risk, provide timely and actionable information, and help prevent catastrophic loss. The Radiance platform uses Open Source Intelligence (OS-INT), Internet Intelligence (NET-INT) and Human Intelligence (HUM-INT) for risk detection.

  • OS-INT is a deep web listening tool that uses machine learning and AI to assess and prioritize risk. Names entered into OS-INT are correlated with content related to 20 different risk factors and cross-referenced with more than 1 million queries into Lumina's proprietary databases of risk. Prioritized results are delivered in about five minutes, whereas, Lumina claims, a manual search of the same size would take a person more than 3.5 years to complete.
  • NET-INT detects means, motivation and target for attack planning. Its algorithms continuously identify, monitor, capture and prioritize IP addresses exhibiting abnormal behavior across multiple risk dimensions. According to Lumina, the platform collects and stores more than 1 million interactions every day.
  • HUM-INT is powered by the See Something Say Something app, a crowdsourced mobile application that enables users to confidentially report concerns in real time. A centralized management portal enables users to access real-time threats to geofenced locations.

Radiance searches the web and prioritizes current behaviors to predict future action. Lumina claims this is an advantage because other technologies often focus only on historical behavior.

Additionally, clients can integrate their own structured and unstructured data into Radiance, which enables correlation of internal databases against publicly available data.

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