Immuta Automated Data Governance Platform comes to AWS

Immuta's Automated Data Governance Platform, providing data visibility, accessibility and protection, is now available as a managed service on AWS Marketplace.

Immuta's Automated Data Governance Platform is now available as a managed service on AWS Marketplace, intending to give customers choice and flexibility in how they use data in a legal and ethical manner.

Immuta Automated Data Governance Platform has an automated, scalable, no-code approach that supports accessibility to data, while protecting privacy and enforcing regulatory policies on data. Immuta connects security, legal, compliance and business teams to ensure data access with minimal risks.

Data governance -- the management and accessibility of files within an organization -- is a challenge for growing databases but necessary to ensure smooth collaboration and easy-to-access data. According to Gartner, 75% of databases will be on a cloud platform by 2023, which will increase data governance and integration complexity.

In the age of GDPR, data governance is critical as the regulation attempts to combat high-profile data breaches and monetization of data. Data governance aids in the protection of privacy as organizations ingest, handle and analyze data.

Immuta claims that extending its Automated Data Governance Platform to AWS Marketplace enables users to purchase, deploy, assign privacy policies and start protecting data in under one hour, without IT involvement.

Immuta's AWS managed service capabilities bring other features to the platform:

  • Performance management eliminates IT management of query capacity scaling and other issues.
  • Log monitoring enables Immuta staff to proactively address customer issues.
  • Upgrade management notifies users directly when a new version of the Immuta platform is available or needs updates, without IT involvement.

Through AWS Marketplace, Immuta also offers Immuta Professional and Immuta Enterprise. Immuta Professional offers Automated Data Governance Platform as a monthly subscription -- at no cost to four or less users -- to scale the offering to small or enterprise-level organizations. Immuta Enterprise, slated for general availability at the end of July 2019, will enable organizations to deploy Immuta's platform across multiple regions or locations.

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