Immuta introduces new features to Automated Data Governance

The new updates also bring about native Hadoop distributed file system workspaces within Immuta and more ways to integrate Immuta with other applications and tools.

Data governance company Immuta last week released new sensitive data detection and privacy protection features for its Automated Data Governance platform.

Automated Data Governance can now detect sensitive consumer data such as first and last names, Social Security numbers and address and enable companies to classify and tag the data. This helps companies build data privacy policies that comply with regulations including the General Data Protection Regulation and the California Consumer Privacy Act and Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, according to the company.

The new features would speed up the process of protecting sensitive information because customers can build privacy policies through the platform without having to discover and tag data themselves first, according to Immuta.

Other new features in Immuta's Automated Data Governance platform include:

  • Native Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) workspaces within Immuta projects: Enables teams to create native HDFS workspaces to access data and write derivative data back to Hadoop clusters when the project is complete. Derivative data published to native HDFS workspaces maintains policies to ensure compliance when used in the future.
  • More ways to integrate Immuta with other applications and tools: Enables third-party tools to react to Immuta events using webhooks and layer in user and data attributes from existing enterprise systems and applications.

The new features are available now to customers using Immuta or Immuta Professional within their data centers or cloud infrastructure.

Immuta's competitors include IBM and Informatica. IBM Watson Knowledge Catalog offers the ability for organizations to adopt a data governance strategy that fits their goals. The platform's integrated data catalog would help enterprises find, analyze and share data while keeping it protected, according to the company. Informatica Axon Data Governance uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to automate tasks such as locating data and measuring data quality.

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