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Talend updates data fabric with more collaboration

With its summer 2021 update, data integration vendor Talend boosted its data sharing and integration features to help business users share trusted data sources.

Data integration vendor Talend on Aug. 11 made generally available new capabilities in its data fabric platform that provide enhanced security, collaboration and data governance. 

The new Talend Data Fabric summer update is the first major release for the vendor since it said in March that it will be acquired by private equity firm Thoma Bravo for $2.4 billion.

Talend Data Fabric provides a suite of data integration and management tools, including extract, transform and load (ETL), data quality and data trust functionality.

The update adds new features to make it easier for organizations to connect and collaborate on data via application programming interfaces (APIs).

With the updated Talend Data Fabric platform, Talend is also continuing to improve its data quality capabilities, an approach that could help organizations confront a tough challenge, said analyst Jack Gold, founder of J. Gold Associates.

"One of the biggest problems that enterprises have is in ensuring the quality of the data they are accumulating and storing," Gold commented.

Gold said that by focusing on securing movement of that data, products like Talend enable organizations to increase the quality of their data. Improved data quality often translates into more employee productivity, lower cost of operations, better customer support and ultimately increased revenues, he added.

Screenshot of Talend pipeline designer
The Talend Data Fabric now includes a data pipeline designer focused on making it easier for less technical users to build data pipelines.

APIs helps users share data on Talend Data Fabric

Thomas Steinborn, vice president of products at Talend, said the Talend Data Fabric has always provided different ways for organizations to connect with data.

Steinborn said that the new update introduces an API portal that helps users find the right data sources that they need to bring in for data integration.

For the last two years, Talend has had the ability to help its users design and create their own data APIs. What is new in the Talend Data Fabric update is the ability not only to design an API, but to also properly document the API, make it searchable, classify it, and bring it to the rest of the organization.

One of the biggest problems that enterprises have is in ensuring the quality of the data they are accumulating and storing.
Jack GoldFounder, J. Gold Associates

"What we have done here is focus really on ease of use," Steinborn said. "This very much lends itself also to use cases for sharing data outside of the organization."

Bringing data trust to data sharing on Talend Data Fabric

With the new API portal, a core attribute is data trust, Steinborn said.

Talend has its own data trust score, which has been a part of the Talend Data Fabric since September 2020. The trust score measures the integrity, authority and overall trustworthiness of data is measured.

Now the score extends to data sharing via APIs as well.

Beyond just measuring data trust, with the Talend Data Fabric, Steinborn said users can share data API information securely.

The security includes role-based access control (RBAC) to help ensure that only authorized users gain access. Security for data sharing is also enabled via data encryption.

User-friendly data pipeline builder

Enabling technical users to build out complex data pipelines has long been the foundation of the Talend Data Fabric, Steinborn said.

With the update, Talend is aiming to make it easier for non-data scientist business users to build out data pipelines they can use, with a graphical user interface-based pipeline designer tool.

"What's new in the release is that the less technical users can actually operationalize data pipelines," he said.

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