New Amax servers aim to accelerate AI and ML workflows

The Amax BrainMax Series servers feature the latest Nvidia RTX GPU accelerator cards for intensive GPU and AI applications and deep learning initiatives.

Amax has launched its BrainMax Series servers, which are designed to solve complex big data analytics, machine learning, deep learning and artificial intelligence workloads.

Featuring the latest generation of Nvidia RTX GPU accelerator cards based on the Turing architecture, Tensor Cores and real-time rendering cores for deep learning and graphics-rendering applications, the BrainMax Series gives users a means to deliver intensive GPU and AI applications.

According to Amax, linking two cards via NVLink Bridge can improve GPU peer-to-peer bandwidth performance by up to 300%.

By partnering with Nvidia, Amax claimed it now offers the most comprehensive line of GPU-integrated offerings optimized for deep learning at any scale. Both high-performance workstations for development or large-scale, production-ready GPU clusters complete with integrated high-density compute, storage and networking can use these offerings.

As part of the BrainMax Series, Amax has launched the DSW-1 and DSW-2 Workstations for Data Science, as well as the QR-240 and QR-480 RTX Servers.

DSW-1 and DSW2 Workstations for Data Science

The two new workstations are built with reference architecture made up of single or dual, high-end Nvidia Quadro RTX GPUs and Nvidia CUDA-X AI accelerated data science software, such as Rapids, TensorFlow, PyTorch and Caffe.

According to Amax, CUDA-X AI is a collection of libraries that enable modern computing applications to benefit from Nvidia's GPU-accelerated computing platform.

Use cases for these workstations include enabling scientists to prep, train and deploy models. Amax also claimed they provide enterprises with accelerated workflows, which in turn means faster data preparation, model training and data visualization to accelerate big data analytics, visualization and data science.

QR-240 and QR-480 RTX Servers

Amax designed RTX servers for users looking for a scalable GPU-powered rendering platform for on-demand rendering and virtual graphics workstations via virtual desktop infrastructure. The QR-240 is a 2U server, and it has Nvidia Quadro GPUs. The QU-480 is a 4U server, and it features Quadro GPUs. Amax claimed both are highly configurable and fully validated offerings for on-demand rendering and virtualization programs in the data center.

Nvidia Quadro Virtual Data Center Workstation can support multiple virtual workstations for remote, shared and multi-GPU configurations.

Users can also create resource partitions. This provides both virtual workstations and dedicated render GPUs within one BrainMax RTX server.

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