Tellius joins Google Cloud Partner Program

Tellius is now part of the Google Cloud Partner Program, which enables it to integrate with Google BigQuery and Google Analytics in addition to using the Google Cloud Platform.

Tellius has joined the Google Cloud Partner Program, meaning it is now certified to run on the Google Cloud Platform.

The partnership makes Tellius, which provides AI-powered analytics software, available on Google Cloud Platform, Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure. Additionally, Tellius worked with Google to develop integrations with Google BigQuery and Google Analytics.

Tellius provides an integrated enterprise layer that can analyze multi-terabyte data sets that are stored and transformed on BigQuery, which is Google's scalable cloud data warehouse with built-in machine learning and an in-memory BI engine.

Tellius for Google Cloud also allows users to:

  • Use Google Cloud Platform for augmented analytics by taking advantage of the Google Compute Engine.
  • Utilize in-database processing for interactive analytics with BigQuery. Tellius gives users the capability to interactively query and visualize petabytes of data without extracting or moving data from its source.
  • Run automated machine learning- and AI-driven analysis across different data sources through Tellius' built-in connectors to Google BigQuery, Google Analytics and other cloud and on-premises systems.
  • Choose between hybrid and multi-cloud environments. Tellius can be deployed on premises, in public clouds and in private clouds.

The Google Cloud Partner Program competes directly with Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure when it comes to providing a cloud platform to enterprises, though many companies are choosing to go a multi-cloud route.

The Google program has four types of partnerships -- services partners, technology partners, SaaS partners and Google for education partners -- with each tailored to specific types of organizations. Other enterprises in the Google Cloud Partner Program include Salesforce, SAP, Intel, Cisco, Deloitte, Accenture and more.

According to Tellius, joining this program will provide flexibility and scalability in addition to giving users the capability of using the Google Cloud Platform, BigQuery and other Google services.

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