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Dell introduces Validated Design for AI at VMworld 2021

The tech vendor revealed a new partnership with AI GPU maker Nvidia at VMWorld 2021 aimed at providing an AI and machine learning platform for IT users in virtualized environments.

Dell Technologies on Tuesday unveiled a new Validated Design for AI system that is jointly engineered with VMware and AI hardware and software vendor Nvidia.

Introduced during the VMworld 2021 conference, the system is aimed at IT professionals who are not AI experts or data scientists but need to use AI and machine learning tools in virtualized environments.

Dell said the system will help overcome the biggest challenges associated with AI, including complexity, the extensive time required and specialized talents that many enterprises do not have.

AI virtualized environment

"The idea is to essentially deliver the next generation of AI-powered applications ... which allows IT folks to play a consistent approach to AI virtualized environments," said Sid Nag, an analyst at Gartner. "Essentially they're taking a software capability from Nvidia, which is their partner in this announcement, and running that software capability on a Nvidia-certified system."

Nag said Validated Design for AI essentially helps speed up configurations and integrations already available on Dell's current hardware offerings, including VXRail, PowerScale and PowerSwitch, that power the vendor's hybrid cloud platforms.

A first for Dell and Nvidia with VMware

While Nvidia and VMware formed a partnership last year to create a new architecture for hybrid clouds, Dell's AI platform for VMware is new.

According to Jon Siegel, vice president of product marketing at Dell, this is the first configuration of Nvidia AI Enterprise software on VMware vSphere with Tanzu deployed with Dell infrastructure.

Dell executives explains a new partnership during a media briefing.
During VMworld 2021, Dell Technologies unveiled a partnership with Nvidia Dell said applies a consistent approach to AI in a virtualized setting.

The platform gives users tools to deliver the next generation of AI-powered applications in virtualized environments, while also still allowing IT to support AI using familiar VMware management and automation tools, Siegel said.

The idea is to essentially deliver the next generation of AI-powered applications.
Sid NagVice president of Cloud Services and Technologies, Gartner Research

The system is also expected to speed up the development of machine learning and AI models while improving model training accuracy with faster access to large data sets with PowerScale.

Validated Design for AI builds on Dell EMC Smartfabric storage software.

Dell said the system serves as a single point of contact for problems enterprises experience with the hardware and software used for building AI applications. This also includes a service in which customers can work with Dell engineers and test and optimize applications before putting them in production.

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