Intraprise Health platform strengthens healthcare security

Intraprise Health introduced new software designed to prevent healthcare security breaches by monitoring third-party risks across the enterprise and improving security management processes.

To help healthcare organizations manage and automate security programs, Intraprise Health introduced BluePrint Protect Security Risk Management Software. The software service intends to provide users with a dynamic view of third-party enterprise risks to prevent healthcare security breaches.

Aimed at hospitals, health systems and pharma companies, BluePrint Protect automates third-party risk management (TPRM) processes and uses Intraprise's Third-Party Assessment Cloud, the vendor's third-party knowledge base, to improve workflow and security visualization.

Hospitals and healthcare organizations are often the target for hackers as other industries -- like retail and banking -- up their security. Requiring hundreds of databases to keep healthcare organizations like hospitals running, a huge amount of resources are necessary to keep that data locked down. If security measures aren't thoroughly vetted or resources aren't sufficient for the amount of data, it's easy for any number of systems to become vulnerable to attack.

According to HIPAA Journal's April 2019 Healthcare Data Breach Report, there were about 2,546 healthcare data breaches involving more than 500 records between 2009 and 2018. The journal reported that April 2019 was the worst month recorded for data breaches with 46 reported breaches -- two involving over 100,000 records -- increasing 48% from March 2019 and 67% from the monthly average of breaches over the past six years.

BluePrint Protect's automation replaces manual processes, siloed risk tracking and project management tools to create a central source of security program data and eliminates the need for security teams to manually enter data into government, risk and compliance or ticketing systems.

The BluePrint Protect platform includes the following features:

  • Cyber Risk Index and Enterprise Risk Register;
  • healthcare-specific software for automating workflows and enabling collaboration;
  • visualization tools and a single-pane-of-glass view of an enterprise's security risks; and
  • automation of information security office functions.

The platform enables security teams across an enterprise's supply chain to connect to the platform to collaborate and communicate. According to Intraprise Health, BluePrint Protect's capabilities improve task management and reporting, reducing resource depletion and saving time for security teams.

Following the June 2019 Laboratory Corporation of America Holdings breach that originated from unauthorized activity with bill collections service American Medical Collection Agency -- affecting 7.7 million people -- TPRM and security access management among subcontractors or business associates have moved to the forefront of healthcare security.

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