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Top 10 video interviewing tools for a virtual hiring toolkit

Video interviewing tools are essential in every modern recruiter's toolkit. Learn what 10 of the top tools offer and some of the HR systems they integrate with.

A great video interviewing tool is critical to successful remote hiring.

When governments began issuing stay-at-home mandates as the COVID-19 pandemic spread during early 2020, employers were quick to shift their talent acquisition efforts online. Companies such as Amazon, Google and LinkedIn began conducting most job interviews using video tools, according to the Society for Human Resource Management.

Some companies used videoconferencing tools like Zoom, BlueJeans and Google Meet to facilitate remote, face-to-digital-face conversations. However, when it comes to recruiting, interviews are only one part of the process. Before any conversation takes place, for example, recruiters and candidates must coordinate a time to get together.

All the while, talent acquisition's traditional concerns are present: Employers want to make sure interviews are unbiased and that candidates are judged against a consistent set of criteria. As dependable as standalone videoconferencing tools may be, they usually don't include features tailored to the specific needs of the recruiting and hiring process, specifically mechanisms to develop questions, rate candidates or compile feedback from others involved in filling a particular role.

Fortunately, a number of platforms provide a more holistic tool set for talent acquisition's needs. These tools use video to conduct preliminary candidate screens, and they can schedule and evaluate conversations and connect interview results with the organization's applicant tracking system or HR software.

While some of these video interviewing tools are standalones -- focused on arranging and hosting video interviews -- many are incorporated into a broader platform that includes testing and assessment tools, text-interview capabilities or integration with a full-blown recruiting suite. Most virtual tools offer two kinds of video interviews: on-demand (or recorded), where candidates respond to preselected questions at their convenience, and live, where candidates and recruiters connect on the platform for a face-to-face conversation.

Here are 10 video interviewing tools to consider.


What began as an online assessment tool in 2003 has, over the years, expanded to include job simulations, validation services and on-demand interviewing capabilities. Employers can use eSkill's video interviewing platform to conduct sessions using their own questions or choose from a set provided by vendor, then use the platform's ranking tools to determine which candidates should continue to the next step of the hiring process.

Employers have the option of tapping into eSkill's assessment tests, which helps provide a consistent candidate experience and keeps scoring and interview information all in one place. It can also be integrated into a number of applicant tracking systems and learning management systems, including iCIMS, OutMatch, SmartRecruiters and Greenhouse.


Although Harqen recently began spotlighting new interview-analysis tools, its roots are in on-demand video interviews. The company offers both live and recorded capabilities and can simultaneously accommodate multiple participants for group interviews. The platform shares recordings among managers and teams, and it includes scheduling tools to cut down on the back and forth necessary to arrange conversations. Harqen also offers audio and text messaging interview capabilities. IT teams can integrate the software with HR and business platforms including ADP, Salesforce, iCIMS, SmartRecruiters and Bullhorn, according to SourceForge.


HireVue provides live and on-demand interview capabilities, and HR teams can share recordings internally to gain feedback on candidates. It includes scheduling tools that allow candidates to select the time of their conversation, and HR teams can choose to link interview tools to the company's assessment capabilities, which help recruiters screen candidates based on job-related skills. HireVue video interviewing and recruiting platform also includes AI face-scanning technology. Integration partners include Workday, Oracle, PageUp, SAP SuccessFactors and Cornerstone OnDemand.


InterviewStream's suite of interviewing and recruiting tools incorporates on-demand and live interviews with a scheduler as well as an interview planner. The interview builder helps employers create a template for conversations, thus aiding consistency in both the questions asked and how job candidates are evaluated. Candidates can self-schedule on-demand interviews, then access the session through a mobile app or web browser. The live interview feature, called "interview connect," records conversations so recruiters, managers and team members can replay them to evaluate candidates and compare notes. The platform integrates with a small number of partners, such as Taleo and Bullhorn.

Modern Hire

Modern Hire offers on-demand and live interviews along with tools for assessments, text interviewing and phone screening. The platform supports team interviews and its scheduling tool allows job candidates to schedule their session. Additionally, the Modern Hire recruiting and interviewing system uses text or email to coordinate interviewing scheduling among team members to facilitate group interviews. It also integrates with some of HR tech's big players -- such as SAP SuccessFactors and Oracle -- and also several talent acquisition platforms, including Phenom, GR8 People and iCIMS.


OutMatch looks at video interviews through the prism of data. The company's platform provides assessment, reference-checking and cultural analytics, in addition to on-demand and live interviews. A built-in point-scoring system helps the employer's team judge each candidate according to a common set of rules, and HR teams can choose to offer standardized questions to make sure everyone interviewing a candidate covers the same ground.

Many of HR technology's large vendors offer integrations with OutMatch, including ADP, Workday, SmartRecruiters and iCIMS, as well as Ultimate Software and Kronos, which are soon to be rebranded as UKG.

Spark Hire

Spark Hire offers on-demand video interviews and scheduling tools, plus the ability to share recordings with others throughout an organization. Live interviews can also be recorded. Evaluation tools facilitate feedback and document the reasons a job candidate was rejected. The software can tag interview files to simplify searching and send rejection emails directly from the platform. Analytics provide information on overall efforts based on categories such as status and interview type. Integrations are available with partners both large -- Oracle and Paycor -- and small -- Redmatch and SnapHire.


Using both live and on-demand interviews, Talview AI capabilities help assess candidates' soft skills, motivations, proficiencies and expertise from a single place. The system handles invitations, scheduling and reminders before an interview, then facilitates sharing recordings to aid feedback. The platform's built mobile-first and offers online assessments and coding tests.

Talview integrates with a number of recruiting systems such as Greenhouse, iCIMS, SmartRecruiters, SAP SuccessFactors and Taleo.


VidCruiter's standalone interviewing tools facilitate both prerecorded and live interviews, along with interview scheduling, audio interviews and skills testing. The structured, on-demand interviews make sure that all candidates are asked the same questions, ensuring consistency across the interview set. Interviewers can record and share videos, and the system incorporates ratings into the process so that each interviewer can share feedback with others on the team. A mobile app is available to access all functionality.

The video interview system integrates with VidCruiter's own recruiting platform, as well as other vendors, including Oracle, ADP, LinkedIn and Workday.


Although it was acquired by OutMatch in 2019, Wepow continues to offer products under its own name. Its on-demand and live interview options include features to simplify tracking and accessing recordings, sharing feedback among colleagues, and analyzing the activity and performance of the hiring team. Separate apps are available for candidates and employers. The system can be integrated with Taleo, SmartRecruiters, iCIMS, Greenhouse, Avature, SAP SuccessFactors and Umantis.

Not only do video interview platforms help employers get a better sense of prospective employees in a remote-work world, they help capture more information about each candidate and simplify internal discussions about who's the right fit. All of this can make talent acquisition more efficient by allowing employers to screen and interview more job seekers in less time, regardless of location.

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