Top 3 ways talent pros can adapt to changing recruitment trends

Emerging technology in recruiting -- such as recruiting AI and chatbots -- is gradually becoming the norm. Here are some skills that recruiters can develop to stay competitive.

Sophisticated technology is changing recruitment, and that can be scary for those in the field of talent acquisition. To stay relevant, recruiters must add new skills.

The talent acquisition sphere has become complex, Maura C. Ciccarelli wrote in a Human Resource Executive article. The recruiting role will become more focused on proactive candidate relationship development.

Here are three ways that recruiters can keep up with the future of technology.

1. Learn to get insight from the data

Companies need recruiters with advanced tech skills who can understand and sort the gathered data, Ciccarelli said in this recent article for Human Resource Executive. They should have a baseline knowledge of how AI systems work and how the data feeds into the software's final candidate recommendations.

AI is an ever-evolving technology that is changing recruitment. It comes with risks, as well as benefits. Recruiters need to sharpen their skills so they can become conscious of unintentional biases that can sneak into AI recruiting tools and so they can help guard against privacy leaks.

2. Become more tech-savvy

Candidate experience is a differentiator in the competitive hiring market, and that means job seekers should have a positive experience at every touchpoint. Recruiters need to understand what that requires.

For example, as more candidates search for jobs on their mobile devices, more companies are using mobile recruiting. And some job recruiting websites offer apps that replace resume submissions with chatbots that screen applicants. This capability aims to appeal to the newer, more tech-driven generation of candidates and help create a better candidate experience.

Recruiters need to learn this new wave of technology so they can help choose, manage and improve platforms.

3. Establish a business partner role

As more aspects of recruiting become automated, the uniquely human recruiting skills need to become more sophisticated.

Recruiters should develop their roles into trusted business advisors. They should also become skilled at candidate relationship management and talent acquisition marketing. To develop these skills, they can connect with and get insights from marketing teams. For example, recruiters can learn from the marketing team's skill sets and use those to promote positions via social media to candidates.

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