Can you help me put together a WLAN proposal?

Can you help me put together a WLAN proposal?
Most WLAN projects begin with a site survey that establishes requirements for the proposed network: the area to be covered, the devices, protocols, and applications to be supported, existing WLAN and network equipment (if any), etc. You can find an example site survey questionnaire at the Planet3 Wireless Web site, along with many other white papers that provide "how to" guidance for conducting site surveys.

Once you've gathered the requirements, you'll be able to propose a WLAN implementation, including a floor plan with device locations, predicted coverage areas, an equipment and parts list, and of course your estimate for the time and materials necessary to deploy the proposed network. You can create your floor plan by hand, or use a professional WLAN planning program (e.g., AirMagnet Surveyor, BVS Hive, Ekahau Site Survey, Airespace Control System, Trapeze RingMaster). For example, see this RingMaster demo for an illustration of the WLAN planning process, or visit the other vendor websites listed here for additional examples.

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