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ManageEngine launches OpManager Plus deep packet inspection tool

ManageEngine launches OpManager Plus, a new deep packet inspection tool; Nyansa broadens analytics for Voyance; and Aerohive premieres a new combined switch-access point.

ManageEngine released its deep packet inspection tool, OpManager Plus. The deep packet inspection tool includes features such as bandwidth monitoring and captures packets from network flows to help engineers assess the causes of network bottlenecks or unusual traffic activity.

OpManager Plus is both a deep packet inspection tool and a network management platform, aimed at improving the ways that service providers and enterprises manage their IT infrastructure. The offering comes pre-equipped with discovery rules that can be reconfigured for different tasks, a set of alert engines and a collection of templates designed to help IT teams to set up a monitoring system. The offering is able to support network monitoring and tracking for virtualized systems, databases and enterprise applications. It can also be used to support configuration management and IP address management.

OpManager Plus monitors bandwidth using Simple Network Management Protocol in combination with network flows, alongside packet inspection. Through use of the app, engineers can determine if performance bottlenecks stem from the network or the application, ManageEngine said.

"Network teams rely on a set of tools to claim that the issue is on the app side, while the app team will blame it on the network. An integrated tool that gives visibility into network and application performance can help both teams identify what's really causing the issue," said Dev Anand, director of product management at ManageEngine, in a statement.

OpManager is priced at $4,995.

Nyansa expands analytics capabilities in Voyance

Nyansa Inc. has added analytics capabilities and a client troubleshooting dashboard to Voyance, the company's network analysis tool.

The new features, launched this week, aim to provide better support to IT staff when they are resolving client network issues.

The analytics capabilities track and measure every client network transaction in real time, allowing IT staffs to distinguish between client versus network-wide issues at the time of an incident.

Other capabilities added include access to a client device's timeline, summarized views of the root causes of network incidents, and the ability search for a client based on username, hostname or MAC address.

The Voyance network analysis tool is based on a combination of deep packet inspection and cloud-based analytics. It sends all collected network data to servers hosted by Amazon Web Services.

The data is then inspected and retransmitted to the user's location, where it can be evaluated by IT staff via an easy-to-understand user display.

The network analysis tool is available through one-, three- or five-year subscriptions. Customers can run the software on a dedicated appliance on site or as a virtual machine within an AWS or Microsoft Azure deployment.

Nyansa released Voyance in April 2016. Its big-name customers include Uber, Netflix and Tesla Motors.

Aerohive premieres new access point

Aerohive Networks introduced a combined access point and switch, with capabilities embedded to support IoT. The vendor said that the AP150W can be installed in minutes either placed on a desktop or via an Ethernet-jack wall mounting. The new device supports 802.11ac Wave 2 connectivity.

The new device supports ZigBee and Bluetooth Low Energy, as well as Gigabit Ethernet switching. It can be used to power a variety of components through integrated Power over Ethernet and pass through ports, allowing it to be used in existing cabling and switch infrastructure.

The AP150W is available in September, priced at $299. The cost includes a subscription to Aerohive's cloud-based Connect management app.

"By packing 802.11ac Wave 2 Wi-Fi, Gigabit Ethernet switching, Bluetooth Low Energy and ZigBee technologies into a small form factor...Wi-Fi in every room has finally become affordable and easy," said Alan Amrod, Aerohive's senior vice president of products, in a statement.

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