Oracle Fusion Applications video demo

Oracle rolled out its long-awaited Fusion Applications suite at OpenWorld this year. got an exclusive look at the software. Watch the video to see it for yourself.

For years, Oracle customers have been waiting for Fusion Applications, the result of Oracle's nearly decade-long acquisition spree. With Fusion Applications, Oracle promised to bring together the best functionality of all the acquired software under one architecture and one suite.

At OpenWorld 2010, Oracle delivered. While Oracle CEO Larry Ellison has declared the arrival of Fusion Applications at previous events, demonstrating a handful of sales tools, this year marked the debut of the full suite. Fusion Applications will be available to select customers at the end of the year and will be generally available at the first quarter of 2011. got an exclusive glimpse of what the tools look like and short demonstrations of the software can be seen below.

(Editor's note: In an effort to match the video with the application, we captured only a portion of the full screen)

In the first demonstration, Chris Leone, group vice president of applications development at Oracle, demonstrates a scenario in which there is a problem with a project and the user must access HR records and communicate with employees.

In the second demonstration Leon shows a scenario requiring sales, supply chain and order management functionality.

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