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Does Infoporter aid SAP ERP HCM-Employee Central data migration?

Learn how SAP data migration tool Infoporter assists in moving from SAP ERP HCM to SuccessFactors Employee Central and why IT teams might find it helpful.

Infoporter is an SAP-provided data migration tool that customers who are moving from SAP ERP HCM to SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central can use.

Technology teams can use Infoporter to convert SAP HCM infotype into the target format, transform that data if needed and export it from SAP HCM so it can be imported into Employee Central. It enables customer IT and implementation partners to customize what data they migrate, how they will transform the data during migration, and how they'll map the data between the two systems.

Infoporter supports migration of both foundation object data and employee data. It supports migration of both active and terminated employees, as well as employees on a global assignment. Employee data with time constraint 3 can only be migrated to Employee Central entities that also support overlapping data records, while migration of organizational data with time constraint 3 is not supported.

Infoporter supports both the export of CSV files to be uploaded into Employee Central and direct system-to-system migration using API-based integration.

Using Infoporter, IT can create repeatable data migration processes that they can use in development, test and production systems.

Using Infoporter, IT can create repeatable data migration processes that they can use in development, test and production systems. This therefore also provides IT with the ability to perform multiple mock loads in order to fully test the data migration process well in advance of cutover. By streamlining the process and enabling data migration to be a configurable, systematic and automated process, IT can use Infoporter to reduce the time spent on manually transforming data, error checking during data upload to Employee Central, and documenting processes or procedures needed throughout the migration process to ensure the process is repeatable.

Configurability and extensibility

In order for a tool like Infoporter to be fully usable, it must fully support the entire scope of data that needs to be migrated, as well as a range of rules and functions to transform data into the target format. Infoporter supports a variety of extensibility capabilities, including:

  • migration custom infotypes;
  • migration custom objects types;
  • mapping SAP HCM fields to Employee Central fields;
  • mapping SAP HCM F4 value help entries to Employee Central picklist values;
  • direct field mapping;
  • BAdI-based field mapping;
  • rule-based field value transformation; and
  • data filtering using SAP HCM fields.

Single configuration framework

The Infoporter configuration framework -- the Business Integration Builder (BIB) -- is also the configuration framework for the SAP-provided integration between Employee Central and SAP HCM. This means that you don't have to double up your configuration if you also want to integrate data back to the SAP HCM instance after go live.

Organizations can also use Infoporter to migrate data from SAP S/4HANA HCM on premises to SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central.

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