What SAP product supports project-based teams?

SAP's SuccessFactors Dynamic Teams could help support project-based teams in the workplace and solve associated challenges. Learn more about the new capabilities.

New Dynamic Teams capabilities for the SAP SuccessFactors Human Experience Management suite, which are currently scheduled for the first half of 2022, could help support organizations' work plans.

SAP is hoping the new capabilities for the Human Experience Management (HXM) suite will support project-based teams in the workplace, including helping the teams get organized and addressing potential challenges.

Here's a look at the concept of dynamic teams and what SAP is aiming for its SuccessFactors Dynamic Teams to accomplish.

What are dynamic teams?

Dynamic teams are self-managing, loosely structured workplace teams that complete a specific task or project and can include employees from different company departments.

Unlike traditional hierarchical teams, dynamic teams often lack a formally appointed leader. They usually exist for a fixed period or until the team completes a clearly identified deliverable. Two-thirds of employees found that working in a dynamic team had a positive effect on their career, but only about 20% were satisfied with the experience itself, according to an SAP SuccessFactors survey.

SAP is looking to improve that statistic by offering new capabilities that will hopefully solve some of dynamic teams' challenges. These include sourcing the right team members, successfully aligning with a shared set of objectives and maintaining a healthy team dynamic throughout the team's lifecycle.

How SuccessFactors Dynamic Teams could benefit project-based teams

SAP is hoping these new capabilities will fill what the company sees as a gap in HR software suites and will help organizations make better talent decisions.

The software will be able to potentially help place the right people with the right capabilities into dynamic teams and provide data points to promote a healthy work dynamic, among other uses.

In the H1 2022 beta release, SAP SuccessFactors Dynamic Teams will enable team creation and team member selection via SAP SuccessFactors Opportunity Marketplace as well as objectives and key results (OKR) creation. In the Opportunity Marketplace, employees will be able to browse their dynamic teams matches.

SAP's long-term vision for the software is that the new capabilities framework, Center of Capabilities, will be a foundation for identifying team members with the right capabilities for dynamic teams.

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