RSAC 2024

RSA Conference 2024 focuses on collaboration, resilience

Last updated:May 2024

Editor's note

The theme of RSA Conference 2024 was "The Art of Possible," an optimistic take for an industry that faces scenarios that are often problematic, if not downright devastating.

This theme asserts that challenges can be overcome, especially if the community gathers and shares insights into potential solutions.

What better place to explore this theme than the world's premier cybersecurity conference? Held May 6-9 at San Francisco's Moscone Center, hundreds of sessions covered the latest in threats and defenses; perennial topics, including cryptography and identity and access management; and a little topic known as AI.

TechTarget Editorial was on site, reporting from the conference floor. Check out the coverage posted throughout the conference on how security pros are collaborating to respond to today's ever-changing cyberthreat landscape.

Recap: Eye on Tech Live at RSAC 2024

1News from the conference floor

The conference agenda is as large and wide-ranging as ever, with cybersecurity experts set to present on topics that include incident response, threat modeling, cloud security, and red, blue and purple teams. Also, expect to hear a lot about AI and GenAI -- the good, the bad and the ugly.

2Attacks and threats in the spotlight

Beyond covering the latest research and product news, a perennial focus of RSA Conference is the evolving threat landscape. In 2024, emerging and well-known attacks and adversaries dominated discussions.

3Vendor news and product releases

Along with new research on the latest threats and attack techniques, vendors shared updates on key initiatives, products and features, and more at RSA Conference 2024.

4Pre-conference coverage

Check the key trends and topics you should be on the lookout for at this year's event. Also, review the trends and presentations that made waves at RSAC 2023 as you prepare for this year's show.

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