Software Engineering Institute (SEI)

The Software Engineering Institute (SEI) is a research, development and training center involved in computer software and network security. The SEI works with industry, academic institutions and the United States government to improve the performance and reliability of computer systems by managing pilot programs, conducting tests, offering courses and providing services for licensing and publication.

The activities of the SEI can be categorized into the following technical programs:

  • The Dynamic Systems Program, which conceives and develops processes for system development and offers training for software engineers
  • The Product Line Systems Program, which develops programs and systems to meet specialized requirements
  • The Software Engineering Process Management Program, which provides guidance to software-dependent organizations with the goal of optimizing the efficiency of their processes
  • The Networked Systems Survivability Program, which assists businesses, academic institutions and government agencies in the protection of their systems against security threats and helps them to deal with problems when they occur
  • The Acquisition Support Program, which helps entities improve the ways in which they obtain and upgrade their software and operating systems

The SEI is a part of Carnegie Mellon University and serves as the headquarters for CERT (the Computer Emergency Readiness Team), which conducts a public awareness campaign concerning the development, maintenance and improvement of computer and network security systems.

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