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What are use cases for business live event streaming services?

Business live event streaming services can transform webinars and virtual events to be more interactive and create engaging experiences for customers.

After the pandemic hit, it was no surprise that organizations started announcing they were shifting from physical to virtual events, such as industry expos and vendor conferences. But live streaming services can be used for more than replacing physical events. Webinars, too, are ripe for transformation through business live streaming services.

Webinars have always been stuffy, PowerPoint-driven presentations. Interactivity is generally limited to a chat Q&A session at the end of the session. In a typical webinar, the presentation itself might as well be recorded, as speakers generally follow the PowerPoint and stick to their scripts. Modern livestreams, on the other hand, are a completely different experience.

Modern live streaming at its best can be observed in the video gaming community. For years now, professional and amateur gamers have been streaming live over platforms like Twitch. These streams bring interactivity to a far higher level than any traditional webinar. Chat isn't saved for questions at the end, it's where the action happens throughout the stream. The best streamers continuously interact with their audience in chat by not just answering questions but encouraging discussion.

These streams are more casual than traditional webinars and events. They are not just about sharing information, but about creating communities. For example, I recently hosted a two-hour livestream with AV and unified communications industry professionals. There were no PowerPoints or formal presentations, just open discussion and interactions with an engaged viewership in the chat.

With live event streaming being more relaxed than traditional webinars -- or even physical events -- expect to see them used as tools to innovate and lead.

Bottom line, if you think business live streaming just means we are going to do webinars until we can get back to the convention hall, you are really missing the boat. Live streams can be so much more than webinars ever were and can help organizations connect with customers and communities in new ways.

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