Maximize huddle room design for enhanced collaboration

Last updated:December 2019

Editor's note

With his big ears and green skin, Baby Yoda is a smaller, cuter version of a well-known and beloved Star Wars character. Similarly, huddle rooms have similar features to boardrooms to provide a collaboration space but in a smaller package. Despite their size, both Baby Yoda and huddle rooms have captured the attention of their respective audiences.

This guide explores the trends driving enterprise adoption of huddle rooms and provides expert tips on how huddle room design can influence collaboration efficiency. Learn which tools and features are essential, how to determine success with collaboration metrics, and how to configure video and audio capabilities for a smaller collaboration space.

1Trends driving huddle room adoption

Dedicated collaboration spaces have become more important as organizations adopt open floor plans and flexible work options. Adding tools like video conferencing to huddle rooms provides space that supports collaborative sessions. The following articles outline some of the trends driving huddle room adoption.

2How to build a better huddle room

Huddle rooms may be small spaces, but when configured correctly, they can enhance collaboration. The following articles give tips on huddle room design to support workflows. Learn what capabilities are essential and how to adapt meeting room technology to accommodate a smaller space.

3Planning for huddle room performance

It's one thing to add huddle rooms and other small meeting spaces to an organization; it's another to determine how huddle rooms affect collaboration success. The following articles explain what tools can improve ROI and how to determine success metrics for huddle room collaboration.