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Compare 11 leading cloud-based video conferencing tools

Discover the top video conferencing tools with this detailed download that compares and contrasts the leading contenders in the cloud-based market today.

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way enterprises work, as video meetings are more in use than ever. The consensus is that, even once it is safe to return to the office, a significant number of people will continue to work from home, which guarantees that enterprise video conferencing tools will be in demand for the indefinite future.

In the past, enterprise video use focused on devices. Room-based video systems would use hardware servers to connect to systems in different locations, requiring that users understood these devices in order to effectively utilize video capabilities. Today, cloud services are the center of the video universe.

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Video conferencing platforms utilize devices like consumer laptops, webcams and headsets rather than dedicated hardware services. While today's office meeting room video systems do have a lot of differentiation and feature competition, their experience is also primarily defined by the cloud service they utilize.

The first step for enterprises looking to implement video is to understand the cloud services available even as the industry continues to evolve quickly. This downloadable comparison is designed to do just that by listing out the most notable features related to meetings, collaboration, security, webinars, streaming and chat that cloud-based video conferencing tools offer users, as well as the pricing and third-party app integration offerings.

Editor's note: The information in the downloadable form was provided by the representatives of each vendor. TechTarget reviewed the responses for completeness and clarity but has not independently verified every vendor claim in the chart.

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