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Blue Jeans integrates AI-powered transcription technology

Blue Jeans has integrated an AI transcription service powered by Voicera's virtual assistant, Eva, while Slack deepened its GitHub integration to support developer collaboration.

Blue Jeans Network Inc. and Voicera have partnered to offer an in-meeting transcription service within the Blue Jeans platform. The transcription technology uses Voicera's artificial intelligence assistant, Eva.

Blue Jeans, a cloud-based video conferencing provider based in Mountain View, Calif., initially announced support for Eva in November for features such as note taking and identifying key moments in the meeting. The partnership has expanded Eva's capabilities to include full-meeting recordings with a searchable transcript. The transcription technology integration with the Eva assistant is available to all Blue Jeans users.

Transcription technology is growing in popularity for online meeting services to enhance productivity, keep records of meetings and save time by offering keyword searches. Coupled with the machine learning technology of AI assistants, the accuracy of transcripts can improve over time.

Businesses are starting to incorporate more emerging technology like AI as part of their digital transformation strategies. According to Nemertes Research, the use of new and emerging technology -- such as AI for digital transformation -- can help boost revenue for organizations.

Slack deepens GitHub integration

Slack has partnered with GitHub to offer a deeper integration of the team collaboration app with GitHub's software development platform. The integration with GitHub allows developers to monitor project updates, triage bugs and work with teams from within Slack.

New capabilities in the integration include notifications and improved previews. Users can set up GitHub notifications in a Slack channel to alert them of certain activity, such as pull requests, deployments or commits.

Link previews in Slack channels for GitHub links to public repositories, where developer projects are stored, have also been expanded to include context about the content of the link. Support for previews of private links is coming soon, according to Slack.

The integration between GitHub and Slack is open source and built using publicly available APIs. Developers can contribute code, as well as submit feature requests or bug reports. Upcoming features will include the ability to take action on GitHub notifications from Slack, such as merging a pull request.

ZaiLab offers pay-as-you-go contact center

ZaiLab has introduced a pay-as-you-go cloud-based contact center platform for small and midsize businesses. The platform is the South Africa-based company's first offering in the U.S.

The contact center platform is entirely cloud-based and offers pay-as-you-go, usage-based pricing. Organizations that deploy the platform will only pay for the services they use.

The platform also includes a universal waiting room. All customer interactions, regardless of the channel, are placed in a single virtual waiting room before being routed to the appropriate agent. The platform uses a machine learning algorithm to evaluate data and improve the routing process based on past customer experience, business value and agent-customer compatibility.

The cloud-based contact center offers a shorter setup time than traditional contact center deployments with a flow designer. The flow designer includes an editor tool that allows organizations to set up how customers are routed through the contact center and what actions should be taken.

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