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Zoom to boost Zoom IQ with generative AI-backed capabilities

The videoconferencing platform's new Open AI-backed tool will provide email writing suggestions. More updated tools include a chat composer and meeting summarizer.

Zoom on Monday said it will bring OpenAI technology to Zoom IQ next month with a new email drafting tool, along with other updated IQ tools for composing chats and summarizing meetings.

The video and communications vendor also renamed its video coworking space, Zoom Spots, changing it to Zoom Huddles. It added Intelligent Director for better camera angles and Zoom Scheduler to coordinate meeting times.

Zoom previewed the new technology during the Enterprise Connect communication and collaboration conference in Orlando, Fla., being held March 27-30.

Writing made easier

Generative AI technology from Microsoft-backed OpenAI -- the developer of the GPT and Dall-E generative AI systems -- supports Zoom IQ's email drafting suggestion tool by corralling content from Zoom Meetings and Zoom phone calls as well as email correspondence. This feature will be available next month in Zoom IQ for Sales, according to Zoom.

Google earlier this month added a similar generative AI-infused Google Workspace tool that suggests a body of text based on a topic typed by the user within Google Docs and Gmail. Microsoft also unveiled a similar generative AI-supported tool for its productivity apps in Microsoft 365 Copilot.

"We are already seeing and will continue to see companies wrapping products around generative AI capabilities," said Metrigy Research CEO and analyst Robin Gareiss.

Zoom is among many companies that are capitalizing on generative AI technology to perfect marketing and sales techniques for more personalized messaging with unified communications software.

"Zoom is [delivering on not only] specific use cases but also use cases explicitly for sales organizations. They are straightforward use cases that are a good way for companies to start experimenting with generative AI," Gareiss said.

Other Zoom IQ tools include a chat composer in Zoom Team Chat to help users write messages using conversational context for background. The chat composer also customizes tone for more tailored responses.

Zoom IQ new meeting summarizer provides an overview that can be shared across Zoom Calendar, Team Chat and email without recording the conversation.

The new Zoom IQ tools will be available to select customers by invitation only in April, according to Zoom.

In Zoom Rooms, the new Intelligent Director decides the best angle to capture meeting participants on multiple cameras. It will be released in beta soon, according to Zoom.

Working side-by-side online

In addition to Zoom IQ tools, Zoom revealed an updated version of Zoom Spots named Zoom Huddles.

We are already seeing and will continue to see companies wrapping products around generative AI capabilities.
Robin GareissCEO, analyst, Metrigy Research

This platform reimagines the physical office space for the digital age, letting users come together on a video co-working platform constructed specifically for incidental conversations and team building sessions.

Its goal is to foster side-by-side working relationships in the work-from-anywhere environment, the vendor said. Zoom Huddles is available globally for users who request early access.

Finally, Zoom will offer the new Zoom Scheduler, which eases meeting time selection by automatically providing the host's available times, even to external participants. This feature spans Zoom Meetings, Zoom Mail and Zoom Calendar, and it integrates with Google Calendar and Microsoft 365.

Starting later this week Zoom Scheduler will be included for users with a paid meeting subscription. In April it will also be included for free Zoom users.

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