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Test your knowledge of 2020's UC and collaboration news

Wrap up 2020 with a look back at the top UC and collaboration news of the year. From Zoom lawsuits to Slack's acquisition, test your knowledge of the news that redefined the market.

The unified communications market experienced a significant shake-up when the COVID-19 pandemic struck. Suddenly, businesses had to send employees home to mitigate the spread of the virus. To support remote communications and productivity, many organizations turned to UC and collaboration tools.

While some UC and collaboration vendors benefited from the increased adoption of their products, the spike in demand also highlighted their shortcomings, such as security flaws and a lack of remote work capabilities. The new world of work also drove market consolidation as vendors acquired other vendors to add new capabilities to their portfolios.

From acquisitions to legal disputes, some major UC and collaboration news shook up the market in the past year. Test your knowledge of these events to see how well you remember the UC and collaboration news that defined 2020.

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