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5 tips to get started with Zoom meetings for beginners

For most organizations, video is a nice-to-have collaboration feature but not a requirement for daily communication and employee workflows. But the COVID-19 pandemic has forced many organizations to rely on video conferencing services to replace in-person meetings and maintain business continuity.

Zoom, in particular, is getting a lot of attention for its ease of use, freemium offering and quick deployment. With so many organizations and individuals using Zoom for online meetings, you will probably find yourself in a Zoom call soon.

Quickly shifting to a work-from-home culture is a major transition for employees. Ideally, users should keep their meetings business as usual as much as possible. This means focusing on the content of meetings and not worrying about the meeting being on video rather than in person.

For new users not used to regular video calling, getting started with remote and online meetings can be intimidating. While online meeting services can't fully replicate a face-to-face meeting, certain capabilities can enhance the experience. To make it as comfortable an experience as possible, David Maldow, founder of market research firm Let's Do Video, provides five tips for Zoom meetings for beginners to help newer users to familiarize themselves with online meetings.

These tips provide insight on key features that range from basic system settings to collaboration functionality, like screen sharing and virtual backgrounds. Understanding basic capabilities will help everyone from the C-suite executive to the sales representative make the most of video calling. By following Maldow's tips on Zoom meetings for beginners, your first Zoom meeting can be a productive, engaging and fun experience.

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